Purchasing a Beginner Guitar

Because guitars are mainly made out of wood, and no trees are equal, no instruments sound or play the same either. Not even when they have the same model number or brand name.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to let your instructor try out several guitars for you in your price range before making the final decision.

Guitars come in many different price ranges, and guitarists are mainly looking for sound and playability.

In recent years, the market has been developed significantly and there are many brands on the market that have excellent budget guitars for beginners that come in different sizes.

It is important to check out the warranty and perhaps ask about the possibility of having repairs or check ups done at your local music store when purchasing a second hand instrument.

I highly recommend buying guitars at a reputable music store and NOT a toy store!

How much Should I Expect to Pay

One of the great things of playing guitar other than it’s the most beautiful instrument 😉 is that compared to other instruments, it is a relatively cheap instrument.

Beginner guitars usually are sold in a range from $80 to $300. It is recommended not to go with the cheapest models, as some might have trouble with tuning, and their tuners can easily break.

(when purchasing a smaller size guitar, expect to pay in about the same price range)

A few manufacturers I recommend are: Yamaha, Cordoba, Almansa, Asturias, La Mancha,…

TIP: If you are planning on buying guitars online, be sure to check on the return policy and reputation of the business. An instrument could arrive damaged due to shipping or temperature fluctuations.